The history of the Golden Circle

The Golden Circle provides all types of healthy lifestyle programs and resources for adults, it’s not just for seniors.

The need for a centre such as The Golden Circle was first recognized in 1958.
It was apparent that there was a need for a recreation centre for senior citizens in the City of Red Deer, so began the construction of a temporary centre, “The Downtown House”. It became a popular meeting place for many of the city’s senior residents. However, limitations were seen by inadequate space and steep stairs leading down into the centre.

In 1975 the Kiwanis Club of Red Deer formed a committee to investigate a suitable project to commemorate their silver anniversary in Red Deer. After meeting with the Council on Aging in September the Kiwanis Club embarked on the project. They pledged $100,000 to the cause. A large representative committee was formed including Kiwanis, the Central Lions, the City, the Recreation Department, the Preventative Social Service Department, the Red Deer Planning Commission, the Council on Aging and the Senior Citizens (25 members in all).

A request for an option on a site in the recreation parks was granted by City Council in September, 1975. A preliminary plan evolved by December, and a request for 40% of the construction cost thru the major Recreational or Cultural facility Grant was passed.

During the early part of 1976 a final plan was approved. Tenders were called in late June. Springer Construction was awarded the contract on July 23, thus was approved by City Council on August 3. The sod turning followed August 4, 1976. The building was under way.

Kiwanis now turned their attention to raise the $100,000 they pledged. For six months the had been planning Red Deer’s first telethon under the chairmanship of the late Roy Simpson. The Telethon was a good show and a major success financially. A name the centre contest drew 200 replies. Norman Bowles sent in the successful name “The Golden Circle”. The good winter building weather enabled the building’s construction to be completed on April 28. A four-day open house was held from April 28 – May 1. An estimated 5,000 people visited the Circle during these days. Major renovations to the building took place in 2009, and 35 years since it first opened, the Circle remains a vibrant hub for older adults in the area.